Shipping 📦

Yes! However, shipping is much more expensive, calculated at checkout.

Depends on the shipping you choose at checkout. Default shipping takes 2-3 days. Worlwide typically takes 7-14 days.

Shipping is calculated at checkout. On average it costs roughly $40-60 USD. Additionally you may be charged custom fees, which are usually about 5% of value of merchandise. We are not responsible for paying the custom fees.

We are not in charge of locating the product. After the package is in the carriers hands we are no longer responsible. Please file a claim with the carrier. Feel free to still contact us to let us know what is happening, that way we can assist you.

Returns & refunds 💵

Yes. Check refund policy

Yes. Check refund policy

Yes. The product must be unused and you still need the original packaging. Please contact us.

product 🏋️

You need to break it in. It will be uncomfortable at first, but once you break it in it will form more to your body.

Also, make sure it is not too tight, It shouldn't leave any bruises.

Contact us and we will replace the broken product, or offer a refund.

The lifting belts go straight from being manufactered to inside the plastic packaging. Take the belt out and allow it to air outside for about 24 hours. I own about 30 of these lifting belts, and they do not smell at all anymore. Just be patient and let them air out. If you are not satisfied, contact us and can refund/exchange/return.